In 2024, Mansfield & District (MAD) Potters was excited to present the works of 35 artists exhibiting in our first Poets of Pottery exhibition.

Winning entry 'Basket' by Kym Stubbs

Poets of Pottery winner 2024 Kym Stubbs

‘Basket’ by Kym Stubbs is the 2024 Poets of Pottery Award winner. Here seen at the exhibition opening.

Exhibition catalogue

About the Exhibition

This exhibition is a showcase of ‘imagination & expression’ through pottery. As you view the exhibition you will see the diversity of what can be made from clay.

In 2022 MAD Potters was formed with the goals of establishing a Mansfield Pottery Festival and a Community Pottery Studio. We believe that everyone can enjoy working with clay and creating in their own style.

In 2023 the inaugural Mansfield Pottery Festival was born. The one day ‘potters market’ set up in the central median strip of Mansfield was a huge success with over 60 potters from all over Victoria. This year we decided to create an exhibition to showcase special works, to encourage even more potters to our Festival in 2024 and so we have it!

Why call it Poets of Pottery? Because a poet creates with imagination and expression and here we have an exhibition created by Poets of Pottery.

Exhibition details

Venue: Mansfield Masonic Hall, 26 Highett Street, Mansfield 3722

Opening Night – Friday 8 March, 6.00 – 7.30pm. (Registration essential)

Exhibition continues Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm. All welcome and free to visit (no registration required).

Information for exhibiting artists

Terms & Conditions – Poets of Pottery Exhibition