Mansfield Community Pottery Studio to become a reality!

In December 2023 MAD Potters took up the lease of the historic Old Police Stables in Curia St, Mansfield. We now have a premises where we can begin to set up a Community Pottery Studio. We are currently building awareness of this community asset and will be fundraising for equipment to realise the project completely. 

During 2021/22, the Old Police Stables were renovated and brought back to its original state. Mansfield Shire Council who are the managers of the premises advertised for expressions of interest to lease the building. MAD Potters were successful and now have a long term lease in order to establish a community pottery studio.

The Old Police Stables Community Pottery Studio will make a difference to our community by having a place to meet up, create and be educated in the craft of pottery. It will enable the creative reincarnation of an historic building, built in the 1880’s as a Police Stables, and not used since the 1960’s. It is situated in the centre of the Mansfield township and has ubiquitous access. A Community Pottery Studio is a new idea to the Mansfield District. Our community is lively, creative and ambitious. This new venture will support the general vibe of our community and since the success of the Mansfield Pottery Festival and receiving a commendation in the Australian Events Award and Community Event of the Year, the community is looking to us to lead the way for this project. By showing that an idea can become a reality is itself a motivator for others to get inspired and make good things happen. We are all winners when this happens!

Donations will be used to purchase equipment for the Community Pottery Studio. The end result will be a place where people, experienced and new to pottery can utilise equipment that would otherwise not be available to them.

Old Police Stables in the press!

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