Demonstrations were a popular part of the Mansfield Pottery Festival activities during the day.

Festival Demonstrators 2024

Diana Kilford demonstrating wheel throwing

Diana Kilford - wheel throwing

Diana Kilford demonstrated wheel throwing. Diana, an experienced potter, has been teaching ceramics for over 40 years from her home in Jamieson Victoria.

Sajo Ceramics demonstrated surface decoration with Diamond Core Tools.

Diana Kilford - wheel throwing

Joanne Maggs of SAJO Ceramics demonstrated surface decoration techniques. with Diamond Core tools which will also be available to purchase.

Instagram @sajo.ceramics

Kirstee Lee photographer with camera

Kirstie-Lee Photography workshop

Kirstie-Lee demonstrated how to photograph pottery using your phone camera.

She also led an extended workshop on using your phone camera. Participants learned the nitty gritty of styling, editing and preparing images for social media.

Kirstie-Lee's website